Sunday, June 13, 2010

Woman Ready to Walk - FREE! Cut File Download Available.

I know a lot of you have been waiting for the Pink Journey Cricut Cartridge to become available on it's own. Some of the images and phrases can be fairly easily found or recreated on other cartridges, but one image that stood out to me was the side silhouette of a woman walking.
Now that I have the hide contour feature on my Gypsy I found I was able to re-create this image in a new way. It is not an exact replica by any means. I feel she looks more as if she is standing & taking a rest than actually in motion, but she certainly looks ready for such an event in a baseball cap, shorts, and tennis shoes.

I only used 2 cartridges for this, Forever Young, and Everyday Paper Dolls

I hope that some of you will be able to use and enjoy this image for Breast Cancer cardmaking and scrapbooking, as well as for other types of projects as well.

The cut file includes 2 sizes already ready to go, one geared towards cardmaking, and the other geared towards scrapbooking. I test cut both sizes and they cut well. Above is a photo of the smaller sized image.  You can just delete the one you aren't using at the time of cutting, just don't save the changes & then you'll have both sizes easily available at all time.


Alex said...

I love this ! I didn't realize that youo can download a gypsy file. I'd love to learn more ad I am new to the gypsy:)

xosparklesxo said...

I'm learning too, I knew I could upload it, but didn't know how, luckily... I had some great help :)

My Quilling Nest said...

I'm amazed at what the Gypsy can do!! Love your design. Thank you for sharing.

M scrap et stamps said...

Thanks, I love it !