About Me

Hey, I'm Amber!  Welcome to my craft little corner of the web.

I am a homeschooling housewife living in Colorado with my hubby kids. I have a daughter and a son that are only 13 and 1/2 months apart. 

My adorable children.
I enjoy so many things in life!  Pretty colors, things that sparkle (cheap stuff like glitter and rhinestones - not diamonds *LOL*), organizing things and making them look all gorgeous lined up and labeled, and of course crafting.

I love animals!  We have 2 pet bunnies.  I admit I can get caught up spending far too much time staring out the window at squirrels or browsing online to find adorable pictures of critters.  
My spoiled bunnies!
See how huge they are!  So fluffy!!!
Back when I first started blogging I wasn't very serious about it.  I posted random things occasionally but slowly became addicted.  I got more serious about regular crafting after getting my first Cricut in May of 2009. I did take nearly a year off of blogging, but missed it and decided to come back.

I am VERY blessed to have almost an entire full basement devoted to my crafting passion.  I can sew, knit, crochet, cross stitch, latch hook, paint, silk screen, scrapbook, make cards, and any other random thing I decide I simply must do.  I don't have fancy stuff like a ceiling, or drywall, but I have things I consider even better like a huge slat wall and a utility sink.

My life is simple, but I sure do manage to stay busy.  I spend most of my days at home baking, scrubbing, teaching, organizing, and creating.  To be honest we don't get out of the house that much.  I suppose that's kind of odd with most people rushing from this to that, but I find it rather nice not to always be rushing from one thing to the next.  I'm certainly not bored being here with so many hobbies.

Between my husband and I we are one heck of a DIY couple!  He cuts his own hair, builds things, fixes things that are electronic and car related, and generally scoffs at the idea of paying professionals to do just about anything for us whenever possible.

I appreciate your visit! I hope maybe something you see here will inspire you, or perhaps just be enjoyable to look at or read about.  I certainly enjoy the creativity of others on the web :)

Have a wonderful, and very crafty day!