Friday, July 17, 2009

Missing my creativity!

Well, I knew it would happen, but now with a newborn aorund the house in addition to my 13 month old daughter I'm not getting any projects worked on. Hopefully it will be short lived and I can find a half an hour a day or so here in a few weeks, but for right now life is all about the housework and caring for the kiddos. My time for myself is restricted to checking in online for very short periods and getting a decent shower! *LOL*

I am looking forward to some creative new projects in the not too distant future though! I am really feeling the itch to decorate my craft space! I'm not sure exactly what I have in mind yet, but I'll be playing around with some different ideas and searching the internet for inspiration soon!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Placemat Set

I crocheted this placemat set using Red Heart's Ocean. I'm pretty pleased with the results! Super basic crochet and great practice! I would love to add a decorative border a little later, and for that reason I made them a tad smaller than I'd like the finished size to be! I'll find yarn and a pattern for that last finishing touch later, but for now I am tickled with the way these turned out!

Everything is just super basic single crochet stitches. I let the pattern in the yarn do the decorative work for me!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Extra Little Touches

I just yesterday had something occur that made me feel like a sincere thank you was in order. I whipped together a card very quickly, not my best work, but it turned out fine. The fun part for me was simple... decorating the envelope!

There is just something about playing with stickers that makes me feel positively giddy inside! I had actually saved these from our Easter egg coloring kit this year. That's something I like to do... save things that are crafty in nature, even if at the time I don't see a particular use for them. I think they turned out really great on this envelope!

I think when I give a gift it's these silly little touches that really make it fun. Why have a boring old white envelope when you can have this instead?! It makes such a lovely presentation. I hope that when she opens the package she smiles! Bright, fun, and just happy all over is what this envelope says to me!