Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Serious Power Scrapbooking This Weekend!

Whew, I did a lot of pages in a very short amount of time! I spent a couple hours Saturday, and another couple hours on Sunday scrappin' and I got about 20 pages done.

At the moment I don't have photos to share.  They aren't my fanciest ever by any means.  I am relieved I am getting caught back up though!  I did an 80 page book for my daughter's first year, so I'm doing the same for my son.  After that I figure 40 pages per year is good, and I'm doing a sibling album for them now, and starting a family album next year.  So... I have a TON of pages to crank out.  They can't all take me forever.

Here's a few tips for those crazy power sessions -

*Put it in focus!  WHY are you scrapbooking?  For me it's to preserve precious memories, a crooked sticker is not going to be noticed much in a massive 80 page book of adorable pictures and special moments.  Most people never accomplish this, so I try to look at the good of doing it, and take focus off being too perfect about it.  I'd rather have the cherished book full to the brim for later than not get done over fear of messing it up.  Someday if I REALLY want I can always get a photo printed again and re-scrap it.  However, the further behind one gets, the harder it is to catch up!

*Plan to make a mess, just keep moving, don't stop to put everything away just to get it back out.

*Purposely dig through supplies that have been sitting around and try and find ways to use them.  When you are truly trying to finish things you might not be using your ideal patterned paper that you envision in your head anyways, so just get something that works, don't be obsessive about how perfectly things match (which is hard for me.)

*Don't over complicate things.  Most of my pages from yesterday are things like a single die cut and a title, or a nice patterned paper & a journaling space, or some have some strips of paper for color & a bit of pattern.  When you keep your pages simple they come together faster.

*Make decisions quickly. Don't think over the design in your mind too long. Hold a photo up to a paper, if it doesn't strike you as a really awful match, just use it.  If the second you hold it up you think, hmm... maybe not, set it aside and look at something else.  Quick choices make quick scrappin'!

Thanks for visiting today!  As much as I love beautiful details and such, sometimes done is better than creative when it comes to the things I truly feel a need to have scrapped.  The pictures matter more than my "art" on the pages anyways.  Have a fabulous and very crafty day!


mum of two said...

20 pages?? That is really impressive! I want to fo some serious scrapping over the summer.

just2ducky said...

I bow to thee.... LOL! Dang girl!!! Now thats some serious scrappin! --- Very impressive indeed. Have a good week and thanks for the tips and kick in the butt to go get working on layouts. :)

DoubleClick Connections said...

Wow! You really were scrapping! I can't wait to see your pages!