Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Checking In - Back With Projects Soon

I will be back to posting again soon.  I actually made a few cards a couple weeks ago and then never made it back downstairs to photograph and post them.  I plan on doing that this weekend, even if I have to ask the hubbs for help.  I'm planning on focusing my weekends on crafting and blogging for the week if at all possible.  I won't have any chores or school to do with the kids so the energy I spend trying to do those things can be spent creating instead.

I am excited to make creating a priority again.  I've missed it VERY much this past month and I feel I need it back to feel good about my current situation.  Plus we have a great area set up for the kids down there now that they want to spend time in.

I am still very ill.  Unfortunately I have actually gotten worse.  I have seen a doctor and had some tests run.  My thyroid is just slightly on the low side so I started medicine for that, and even though my iron levels were normal they were on the low side of normal so the doc advised an iron supplement.  Other than that everything came back completely normal and didn't point to what is wrong with me.  The doc suspected an arthritic type condition with the severe joint pain but there are no signs that's the issue.

So, the doctor said he believes I have Fibromyalgia, and the more I read about and research it I think that's what I have too.  He did offer to put me on some medication, but I believe that is really to treat the pain and not the fatigue, in fact fatigue is one of the common side effects.

I have decided to try some more natural approaches first.  I've gotten several books from the library and am working my way through reading them.  It's a slow process.  I have to stop and rest a lot and to be honest my memory and comprehension have been getting worse, which makes research difficult.  I am going to see a dietician next month and work on an elimination diet to see if food sensitivities are contributing to my problems.

There are a LOT of theories out there about diet, supplements, natural treatments, etc.  It's very overwhelming right now, but the good news is there is a long list of things I am interested in trying.  I am going to try things VERY slowly so as to avoid too much of a financial burden and also to know what is helping if I do see some improvement. 

Right now I'm taking some pills to help balance Candita overgrowth, melatonin for sleep, and plenty of vitamins including the doctor recommended iron pill and some Omega 3.  We are also running a radon test in the basement and working to improve indoor air quality with plants and such.  Next month I begin work with the dietician looking for food sensitivities.  After that I may ask the doctor to do a sleep study, goodness knows I am exhausted and I usually know first thing in the morning that I feel horrible. Some of what I read is that many Fibromyalgia patients don't reach stage 4 sleep, which is where the muscles repair themselves.  That makes sense to me so after I see what happens with the diet that is my next step.  I would be very willing to try doctor prescribed meds for sleep if I thought it would help with the sheer and utter exhaustion.

Mentally I am handling it pretty well right now. I manage to limp through school with the kids.  It's been on the boring side for them.  All flashcards and workbooks and not much fun but at least they are still doing all their work and I can manage those tasks while sitting on the couch all day.  They have to fetch all the materials and bring them to me, but it does work.  Housework is next to impossible and I've been discussing ordering a wheelchair with my husband.  I simply can't count on my legs these days and when I try to go places with my family I find myself getting... stuck.  I get too exhausted and just can't take another step so I have to sit down wherever I am.  After a few minutes I really have to force myself to make it back to the car.  It's not a good feeling and afterwards I'm left in bed for the rest of the day.  I'd rather just be able to sit if need be and at least I could go with my family to the store and such.  I would still be overwhelmed as things seem extra loud and bright to me now, but at least if I wasn't dizzy and pushing too hard physically I think I could manage it.  Truly I'm not depressed at this time but if I feel isolated and left out for much longer I think that's where I'd be headed so I'd rather avoid that for obvious reasons.

I am feeling optimistic about things in general.  I have a list of things that can help me do housework more easily I'll order a little at a time, plus the plans for a wheelchair, a stool in the kitchen, etc.  Hopefully I won't need those things long term, but no matter what they will help me lead a more full and productive life right now and I won't consider them a waste even if I get completely better (which I'm not counting on, but can still hope for.)

Sorry this was long, but thought I'd at least say something.  I do hurt and I am very tired, but I am going to be just fine.  There is good news in all of this, first of all my life is not in danger, secondly I have a wide range of natural options to explore for some relief, and lastly it has made me appreciate my family even more.  My kids have been very sweet and helpful, and I am SO glad I had already taught them to fold laundry, rinse their own dishes, and sweep.  My husband has been very loving and supportive and I know he will help me do whatever I want to try to feel better.

I am hoping to have a post ready for this coming Monday and from now on I intend to get back to posting the fun stuff.  It will be hard, but it's important to me and I will find a way to manage it.

Hugs to anyone who bothered to read all this.  I know there are other people out there struggling with various things right now and we must all remember to remain positive and think about what we do have, and what we can do instead of just in terms of the negatives.