Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I Want Lots of Kisses, 2 Page Layout

Click on the photo to see it enlarged!

I am very, very happy with this 2 page layout!  I rarely do 2 page layouts.  I usually treat each individual page as it's own totally seperate work of art.  I don't worry if it matches the page next to it, or the book cover, etc.  I find it all just works out as long as I make each page look great.

This beautiful paper I picked up challenged me.  I loved it so much I was nervous to use it!  I always struggle to use my favorite products because I'm afraid I'll mess them up!  I dreaded covering it up, and I was also nervous that it would overshadow my photos and be "too much" so I decided to cut it and turn it into a two page spread.  I wanted to make the most of the paper and enhance the design by using the circles as frames for my embellishments.

I had an absolute blast coordinating everything for this!!!  I really went all out and used a real variety of products, buttons, ribbon, brads, flowers, and paper embellishments.  The embellishments are all from K & Company and 3 Birds. So far this is my favorite part of my daughter's baby book and I'm so proud of myself for constantly pushing to try new things and make everything look different and unique!

I hope you enjoy it!  Maybe you can try taking a single paper you love and basing everything around it like I did, it sure was a lot of fun to work that way!!!

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