Saturday, October 3, 2009

Baby Shoes Page

Here is a sweet little page.  I decided to do something a bit different and just put a single photo on this one.  Doing that allowed the precious paper to really frame it.  I used some chipboard and some stickers from various sources to dress it up a bit further.  The stickers on the bottom I know are from K & Company.

I remember when I found this paper I just HAD to have it, I found it long before I started my daughter's baby book, but I knew that's exactly where it would go.  Precious little baby shoes for a baby page!  Sometimes those simple and obvious little things really turn out to be the perfect fit!  I didn't want her whole book to look the same, so you're seeing a real variety with some trendy colors, some pastels, etc.  However, I wanted to make sure I had some traditional things too, like this! With the pastels and obvious baby theme!  I figure I won't get a chance to do these kind of pages any other time except for my kids' baby books, so I'd better make sure and do at least a few!

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