Friday, October 9, 2009

Halloween Goodies - Free Fonts

 love Halloween, it's my husband and I's favorite holiday.  I'm not sure I'll have much to scrap this year, as the kids are too young to really enjoy the festivities, and also too young for me to feel comfortable leaving them so late at night to visit haunted houses and such, but I still couldn't resist picking up a few Halloween crafty goodes for future use!

I got great epoxy stickers, and a $1 clear stamp set from Target.  From my local Michael's I purchsed a really fun paper pack, and some really neat metal embellishments.  I've picked up a couple other things recently as well regarding Halloween, and been tempted by many more.  I am hoping to get a couple of the Martha Stewart punches that are Halloween themed.  There are some really cool ones out!

Another fun thing about Halloween is the wonderful fonts!  Here are some wonderful free fonts I think you'll enjoy for your projects.. all Halloween themed!

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