Friday, September 11, 2009

Screw Perfection!

OK,  I am really, really working on killing the perfectionist in me!  It's especially important when doing my arts and crafts because I can be totally nuts!

I was able to get 12 pages of my daughter done, which I'll be sharing on here soon.  :)  The only way I got through them was just doing it. Not agonizing over every little detail.  There are some crooked things, some colors that aren't exactly what I wanted, etc.  Yet, the pages are all cute, and I'm still preserving precious memories.

It is so hard sometimes to shut up that voice in my head that says it's not good enough, that it will never be good enough, because it's FINE!  Why is it so hard for me to see that?!

Years from now when my children look at their baby scrapbooks I'm sure they will treasure them, and appreciate what I've done preserving those memories, I doubt a crooked photo will ruin all that hard work!  Never getting them done for fear of them not being perfect.... now that would be the real loss!

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Texas Gal said...

Amber - when I scrap I do all of my letters and my pictures wonky - on purpose! That way it looks like I didn't plan to line things up or make them straight and looks great! I was recruited to do a scrapbook for the whole year's worth of activities for a service group that I am am member of and it turned out great -- mostly because I embraced the imperfections and realized that only I could see them. I think the key for me was framing all of my pics in coordinating colors and then sticking them down in slightly turned positions... Good for you for realizing that the big picture is way more important that each little tiny flub 0-- that likely only you can see!