Friday, September 4, 2009

Scrapbook Page!

Boy am I excited!  Lately I have gotten SO many new papercrafting supplies, with my main goal to do scrapbooks, and I haven't had time to do any pages!  Today, that changed and I finally finished one!

It probably isn't totally complete yet.  I would like to add an embellishment of a dinosaur, and either some bones, or some dino footprints, but I have no idea what I'd use yet.  I have to browse stickers, stamps, designs I can cut with my Cricut, etc.  So... it could be awhile.

I decided that it's better to get going now, instead of waiting until everything is perfect, or I'll never get anything done.  I tend to have that problem!  I wait until everything is just so.... and then I'm waiting forever!  I needed to push myself out of that rut and get my butt moving!

The pic isn't the best, but here it is!  I am hoping to get a better system for taking photos, with some focused lighting and a better backdrop.  Click on the photo to see it larger, you can see it a lot better that way!  :)

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