Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Slowing Down

Well, I am very, very close to completing my 3rd Christmas gift for the year. How wonderful is that?! I think it's pretty awesome. I am so glad I started so early. It will surely mean that holidays will be extra special this year!!!!

I have noticed I've been working much more slowly lately! Not having the energy to do much. I'm expecting a baby here very soon, and that is pretty much the issue. My body is just plum exhausted.

So, I may not be able to create as much here for a short time. I have plenty of projects in mind though! I would like to crochet some placemats here soon, and that is easy enough. I have some beautiful yarn already that is perfect for them. So... I'll still be at it, but maybe not so much as usual for a bit. I'm hoping to buy more supplies and do more projects perhaps in August as well. I would LOVE to make a sewing machine cover and put my new skill of sewing to use! I don't want to go too long without sewing something. I want it to become a habit, something I do regularly!

I'll let you guys know as my projects progress!

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