Friday, June 12, 2009

Preparing for the Holidays

I finished another handmade Christmas gift yesterday. I was very proud of myself! It is SO great to be getting things done so early so that I'll have time to make things for my own family!
I won't say too much else about it. I need to keep all these suprises for everyone! It did involve felt though and sewing sequins. I enjoyed it very much!

I have plans to make our little family of four our own stockings this year!!!! Boy am I excited about it too! The stocking picture I have included is the one I want to make for my daughter! Isn't it to die for cute?!
As soon as I get done with the handmade gifts for the year I will be ordering my 4 stocking kits to make. I wanted to make stockings last year, but it just didn't happen. This year I am absolutely determined to make sure it gets done, especially since we know we are done having kiddos. Once I'm done this year we can have these treasures forever! I will surely feel a lot of pride and joy using them for many years to come!

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