Monday, June 1, 2009

First Christmas Gift... DONE!

I am so excited right now! I have been working on this project since the very beginning of April, and I just finished. I won't be able to say much else about what it is because it's a gift for Christmas after all, so I can't go around blabbing what it is! I am just really proud of myself!

Just this past week I ordered kits to make 2 more gifts for this year! I have 2 other projects besides those that I need to get supplies for. I will be making a total of 5 handmade gifts this year. I already have a project for the following year that I know I want to do as well.

I love the satisfaction of lovingly creating something beautiful to give someone special, but I must be honest... sometimes I hate giving away my gorgeous creations! *LOL* It can be difficult to part with something that took so many hours of work! Oh well... that's why I make sure and take pictures of things.

I just wanted to share my excitement at my progress with everyone! I think when it comes to handmade Christmas gifts.... the earlier they are done.... the better! Especially because we all know how easy it is to get busy and caught up with life or other projects. I don't like feeling miserable towards the holidays crafting to the point it feels a lot more like a chore than a hobby. Spreading it out lets me enjoy the work a lot more, and lets me enjoy the holidays so much more as well! I can just focus on decorating my own house, enjoying local festivities, etc. Heck, I actually like shopping for myself instead of others at the Christmas sales too! I can get great deals on things that time of year!!!! It's a great time to stock up on certain things!

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