Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day

So, for my husband for Father's Day I wanted to do a couple handmade things for him. I crocheted him a skull and crossbones pen holder. It was a free pattern from Lion Brand yarn that was designed to be a can cozy. Well, he doesn't have any use for a can cozy. In this picture you can see the plastic container I used. Then I cut the excess off to hide the plastic. It isn't my finest work. It came out pretty wonky! *LOL* I was in a bit of a rush when I made it though, so I didn't take the time to undo and redo things as I probably should have.

Overall though I still like it, and I think he does too. At least he has some unique things that I've made him instead of the typical gifts that all start to look the same! There are lots of cute Father's Day gifts out there, but they all start to look the same to me after awhile. I mean, yes it is adorable to have a mug that says "World's Greatest Dad" but I would rather make one myself that includes our kiddos handprint or something. I often spend a great deal of extra money ordering from websites that do personalization for the very reason of making something a little more unique and special!

Yesterday was a fun day for me because I got crafty mail! *LOL* I had ordered a new cartridge for my Cricut, along with some accessories and cutting mats. I knew I wanted to make him a card, but I really didn't have a vision in mind. All I had were these two twine things with leaves on the ends for inspiration. They were part of wrapping on a gift we recently received and my husband liked them so well he insisted I should save them and do something with them. So... naturally I figured I may as well use them for his card since he liked them.

I based the colors for the card on them, and then I really didn't figure out where to put them until after the card was pretty much done. That was a bit of a mistake! I don't think it turned out horribly, but I probably would have laid things out differently if I had given it more thought. Originally I envisioned the leaves still on the twine and maybe wrapped around the picture like a frame or something, but they were too long and I couldn't seem to make them look right, so I ended up cutting the leaves off and using them alone instead.

The photo is of him meeting our daughter for the very first time a little over a year ago. I think it's such a precious photo, and since we are about to meet another little one here in about a month I figured the sentiment was extra special for this Father's Day!

I really enjoyed playing with different fonts to create the words! I like what I ended up with a lot! It didn't take too long and it wasn't too hard, but I think it's such a fun touch! Way cuter than just doing all one plain font! I really love my Cricut! I am slowly collecting cartridges for it, but I have also purchased the third party software called Sure Cuts a Lot that allows me to cut other images. That's how I did all the letters for this card. I also recently got some drawing software that I hope helps open up even more possibilities for me. I truly adore papercrafting so having such an amazing tool at my fingertips is pretty exciting!

So... that's my crafty little Father's Day for this year. Next year my daughter will be 2 and I'll probably get her involved in the fun!

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Kristin Joy said...

You did a great job.!! Making a gift for Dad on Father’s Day is always the best thing to do.