Monday, June 8, 2009

My Shopping Spree

I don’t know if anyone will find this interesting or not, but I sure loved my recent trip to the craft store, and this is a blog about all my arts and crafts projects, so I thought I’d share!

So, Saturday my husband surprised me by taking me to Jo-ann’s to shop. I jokingly call that store “the happiest place on earth” sort of my equivalent to Disney Land or something. Right away barely stepping foot in the door my husband spots some clearance ribbon sets, oh man they are cute! Marked down from $5.99 to $1.97 a piece makes them hard to resist. I end up with 5 sets.

Next, it’s over to the paper! Oh… paper! *LOL* that is truly a favorite section of mine. He must really be in the mood to go nuts because I show him a paper stack and he says get it, then I show him another paper stack and he says get that too! Oh my goodness I think I’ve hit the jackpot! I’ve selected a sweets themed stack with cupcakes and desserts galore along with a stack of child themed papers, some girlish, and some boyish. I am about to start my daughter’s baby book so these will come in handy. I select some individual papers also. Most of them are for a decopauge project I want to do making wall plaques for my daughter’s room. I was originally going to paint cupcakes on them, now I am looking to use paper and cut them out with my Cricut instead! On that note I head to get some Mod Podge and some spray adhesive for this very purpose. My husband spots some paper holders, I have been looking at the tall, clear ones, these are smaller, but for 12 by 12 paper, which I need, and they have purple. I’m convinced! I don’t necessarily need the huge ones, the stacks do fine elsewhere, I just need something for my individual sheets and this fits the bill.

After that I head to the sewing section. I have just gotten my sewing machine set up, and working properly (poor thing needed cleaning and oiling from sitting so long!) I am very anxious to use it, and have been wanting to make an apron. I grab a couple small and very affordable kits for marking patterns and some pattern paper. My husband shows me all the really nice, higher end sewing scissors at around $50 a pop. I am tempted, but I tell him those really can wait. I won’t be cutting tons of fabric just yet until I get the hang of this sewing business, and I bought a more affordable pair of fabric scissors that looked decent recently I can happily use instead for now. I browse the books and the patterns, and decide all that can wait. I better not bite off more than I can chew!

So… it’s off to fabric! I want to find something divine for my apron. The selection is wonderful, but I am trying to browse quickly and not stop and look at everything they have. I am on a mission to get a single fabric for a single project, and I move quickly. I stop at a small section that seems to be made for me! Ladybug prints that would be perfect for my daughter, PENGUINS, and cupcakes!!!! Now, I absolutely have an obsession with penguins, and I just adore cupcake themed anything. I settle on a gorgeous purple fabric with sparkles and cupcakes! It’s my favorite color, too adorable for words, and perfect for an apron design! My husband helps me pick the perfect thread to match, I get my fabric cut, and then I tell him he had seriously better get me the heck out of there because I had done more than enough damage for one day!

We made it to the register just before a huge rush… lucky us! My husband jokes that if the Powerball ticket we had just purchased was a winner he would just buy me the whole store and get it over with. I smiled, laughed, and said I would probably find things to do with everything in that whole store given the opportunity! So many crafters have their little specialty, needlework, sewing, paper crafts, etc. Me, I want to do it ALL! Seriously, there are so many things I have tried or want to learn, which makes my craft wish list beyond the point of insanity!

We leave the store, I’m beaming! I’m smiling so hard that my face seriously hurts. I could not be more excited about my purchases, and all the fun things I’m going to make. I enjoyed coming home and putting everything away! Finding new homes for my treasures is just relaxing and fun!

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