Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning to Sew!

I am bursting with pride and joy right now! I have dreamed of learning to sew since I was a child. I used to spend hours sketching and designing clothing. I dreamed of being able to make my designs come to life. I bought a sewing machine about 4 years ago. I dabbled a bit and made a couple basic things, but never really knew what I was doing or even tried using a pattern. Then my machine sat, collecting dust for all this time.

About a year ago when my daughter was still very little I decided to try embellishing some prefold diapers with strips of fabric. It sounded simple enough, well... it wasn't. It went horribly and I gave up on sewing yet again.

Recently the urge to sew has just been tugging at me and tugging at me! I've been unable to put it out of my mind. I see beautiful fabrics and I want to create with them. I see lovely clothes and wish I could create my own spin on them, etc.

I finally decided the time had come and no matter what I would sew! I had an apron pattern I bought on impulse several months back, and my husband had recently purchased me the perfect cupcake fabric and matching thread for my project along with some marking tools. There were to be no more excuses. I would sew an apron!

Right away the pattern was intimidating to me. I felt overwhelmed. Cutting the pattern itself I had shaky hands. I have never been all that skilled with scissors, which is a real shame considering how often I use them while crafting!!!! I worried that my lack of precision would

ruin everything. I just kept telling myself to breathe. Pinning the fabric I could handle. That seemed simple enough, and I could always take the pins back out, so that gave me added confidence!

When it came time to cut the fabric I felt an intense rush as I began. I was still terrified!!! Yet, somehow I felt so empowered finally just DOING it! I felt that this was the beginning, my time to do what I really wanted to do whether I was scared or not. When I laid the cut pieces out I was beaming with pride!

I went slowly and paid lots of attention to detail when pinning and basting and pressing. Actually sewing with the machine wasn't too bad. It has always scared me. I do SO many projects but

I've always had total control with my own two hands. Something about using a machine just feels different! Yet, it wasn't so bad! Pressing certain parts was more difficult than the sewing itself, and luckily pressing can be adjusted and re-done easily, so there was no need to panic there!

The design was originally to have a pocket. I ended up not doing that. Partially because I would never use it, and partiallty because I would have had to line up the design. Overall I think the apron turned out lovely! This pic does not do it justice! The fabric has sparkles all in it that just didn't show up at all! I think the curve even turned out pretty well considering I had no clue what I was doing! The only thing I would change is the top strap, and not because I did anything wrong, because I am so short and it makes the apron hang low. I will likely add a button or velcro or something to make that a bit more snug. If I use the pattern again I will modify it to be two longer straps that tie instead.

I would love to wear my new pride and joy, and take some "action shots" but I am just too stinkin' pregnant! *LOL* I am due in exactly a month and I am as big as a house. It's the greatest torture not being able to wear my new creation, but I'm glad I got it done now instead of waiting!

My next sewing endeavour will likely be a sewing machine cover! I need one and it would be fun, probably pretty easy, and jazz up my craft space!

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