Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blingtastic Flip Flops

Well, my daughter's birthday party is over. What a relief! I worked hard planning, preparing, and creating for 4 months and it turned out dreamy, but now I am ready for a little break. Some time to work on quick, easy projects where I get some instant gratification!!! I have Christmas presents to work on and a huge cross stitch in progress I could work on, but I said heck with all that for a day and I enjoyed a fun and easy project!

I really envy this gorgeous pair of Swarofski flip flops my best friend has. They are super fancy. I couldn't afford to buy them at around $75 a pop, and I wasn't sure if I had the talent to make them myself. So, I opted to make a much more simple version of some blingy flip flops and see how that went before investing in better supplies and attempting a pattern with colors.

I got a $1 pair of flip flops, some E6000 adhesive, a pair of tweezers for picking up stones, some assorted brushes and foam pieces to smooth the adhesive on, and 2 packs of 7mm rhinestones. I got the rhinestones on sale and have tons of glue left. Altogether what I actually used cost me less than $5 to do these!!!

I finished them in I'd say about an hour. I wasn't paying super close attention to the time. It wasn't too hard at all. I am pleased with the way they turned out, and am feeling more confident that maybe it would be worthwhile to invest in better flip flops and stones and try something fancier in the future. For now, I am super proud of my cheap and easy blingtastic flip flops! *LOL*

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