Monday, May 4, 2009

Some handmade gift goodness!

My best friend just had a birthday. Her main gift was a personalized, engraved compact mirror for her purse. I just thought it was so pretty, and would be somewhat practical too. I also took the time to decorate a gift bag for her, and also handmake her a bookmark and card. She's a huge Eeyore fan, so I went with that theme!

Everything was pretty simple to make. The gift bag was just decorated with stickers, and I used a scrap of paper to create the tag. I think the keys were finding stickers that were an appropriate size and just arranging them carefully. This was super easy, and I recommend trying it next time you have a gift to give! It made it so much more personal, and like I said, it wasn't that hard at all! There are such a great variety of stickers out there you're sure to find something great!!

The card was made using a scrapbook paper with Pooh and friends, some fabric ribbon, and a button. I actually sewed the button to the fabric ribbon, and then adhered the fabric ribbon to the paper. The "Happy Birthday" is stamped on, and I had some blue paper on hand I used to accent it. Boy, I love having things on hand!!! Otherwise there are just too many things to buy at a time to make one item! I love to get large stacks of papers in solid colors just for occasions such as this!

The bookmark was made cutting out individual squares from the paper I bought. Pretty easy! I cut the bookmark, cut the squares, glued them on, and then I laminated the bookmark and trimmed it. I was really glad to have my laminator handy for this project!!! I don't use it all that often, but for things like this it makes them a lot more durable and really seals everything in for you. I don't have to worry that the corners of the images will come up while she using it or anything.

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ANS said...

Great ideas! I love personalized gifts.