Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tissue Paper Flowers!

This is a wonderful project I did and really enjoyed! I was actually suprised at the cost of tissue paper though! *LOL* I usually buy it on discount at closeout stores and such, and I was a little blown away by the cost, but of course it was well worth it to do such a neat project with!

I needed 3 packs of tissue paper, all solid colors, some jewelry wire (I improvised on the instructions) and scissors to complete this project. The basic instructions can be found from Martha Stewart, but I'll tell you what I did differently.

I cut my sheets 10 by 15 instead. She was making very large hanging things, I just wanted them to go up on the wall flat. By making them this size I was able to get 2 flowers out of each color of tissue paper. As I already mentioned I just used jewelry wire for the center, I had it on hand and it worked fine. Another lady online had mentioned using pipe cleaners instead an I suppose that would work fine also. The other major difference is that I only fluffed mine to one side! I got beautiful, full flowers this way and one side is flat. I will show you what I did with them in the next post, and it is pretty darn neat!

They worked up pretty quickly, but I will say they made a mess with a lot of tissue scraps everywhere! *LOL* It made my hands hurt a bit fluffing them out, but they were well worth the work for the finished result. I did find myself wishing I had a much better pair of scissors also! Maybe sometime I'll try the larger round ones and hang them.

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