Monday, April 20, 2009

Crocheting can be very diverse!

So, a did a couple of crochet projects recently and they are TOTALLY different! Not much in common at all!

The first thing I made was a little cupcake to put in my daughter's room. It is 3d and stuffed and just too adorable for words! I adore cupcakes! Soon I'd like to hand paint some wall plaques with cupcakes for her room as well! It's in a pink and brown theme, not totally done yet, but put together and looking basically good, it's just needs special finishing touches from Mommy! I'll be sure to share pics as I do more to it!

The second thing I made was practically totally opposite. It is a flat piece, with a plain shape and a design created with contrasting yarn colors. It is also a lot more morbid! It's a skull I made for my husband. The backside looked terrible, so I crocheted another piece all in black and sewed them together. It gives it some thickness and makes it more stiff, which is actually kind of good in this case. I used a small piece of yarn to create a way to hang it and he is planning on taking it to work with him. I had a really hard time finding something I wanted to crochet him! He doesn't wear scarves or hats, and it seems like crocheted things are often somewhat feminine in nature. Luckily I found this in my book The Happy Hooker.
So, obviously there's a lot of very different projects I can crochet, and that really excites me! I am very new to it. So far I have really enjoyed learning. I have found it to be very theraputic, and my projects have been pretty cheap too, which is always a plus!

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