Monday, May 18, 2009

Ladybug Invitations

Well, my daughter's first birthday is next Saturday! I have been planning for it and making things for several months. I thought I'd share the ladybug invitations I made several months ago. I didn't have the blog then, so I'll post 'em now!

I used a Martha Stewart punch to make the ladybug design. Premade white cards, red and black cardstock, large black brads, a "You're Invited" stamp, and a couple colors of sticker tape.

It was really a pretty straightforward project. The big challenge was getting everything straight! I assure you, I failed miserably at that! *LOL* I need to get some tools that help me line things up better!

I will be posting a LOT more photos soon of the other wonderful things I've been working on for her party! So... stay tuned!

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ANS said...

Very cute! I am getting a late start on my daughters invites..I was going to do something in Photoshop but decided to make now I need to get them done quick! Along with many other projects for her first birthday party!!