Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Little Foam Ladybugs

These adorable little creatures were created a few months back. I had a couple different inspirations. I had seen rocks painted to look like ladybugs, and when I asked for ladybug ideas online one woman shared she'd decorated bowls like ladybugs with googly eyes and pipe cleaner antennas. So, I sort of combined the two ideas into this fun project.

I purchased styrofoam in egg shapes, and then cut them in half. I just used regular craft paint. It was easier to dab the paint on for the initial colors.

The eyes are just adhered with tacky glue, and still holding strong! The antennas were just poked through the foam and have held tightly.

One of the BEST things about making these was that the little imperfections really don't seem to show in a bad way! The spots are all kind of different, the antennas don't match perfectly, etc. Those things actually seemed to help give these little critters more character! I just love projects like that! These were pretty quick to do to! I would think it would be a great project to do with kiddos!

They are really lightweight and I have incoorporated them into a tissue paper flower garden that I created. The others will probably be set up around the food. I would say they wouldn't be a good fit for an outdoor party unless they were secured with something!

I think that next Easter my husband and I may be painting some of these styrofoam eggs and creating decorations out of them. I'm not sure what yet, but this was so fun and easy I can't wait to do something similar again!

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ANS said...

Wow, that is adorable!