Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Stamped Stylish Decor

I am new at stamping, and my images don't always come out perfect, but I'm having a blast learning!  We do not need to be perfect crafters!  Posting something with obvious imperfections is such therapy for me, because I tend to get pretty particular about things.

The stamp is from Close to My Heart, it was one of their stamp of the month sets.  I stamped it twice to layer the dress and boots.  Boy, cutting those boots out was a real challenge!  The ink and paper is all from Stampin Up.  I am the proud owner of all the main 48 colors of classic ink pads now.  I am SO excited to keep learning.

I want to make a series of these probably 3-5, with different images from the stamp set and different colors and then frame them to make a wall arrangement.  Or perhaps do something different besides frame them.  I shall have to see when they are all done.


Jeanne Meier said...

Thought that looked like a Close to My Heart stamp- They have got great stamps and paper! I am learning the stamping too, hope I can catch up to you sometime!!

xosparklesxo said...

I tell ya, my stamped images look pretty screwy most of the time so far! *LOL* I have yet to stamp anything that doesn't have missing spots, and embossing has really given me some trouble! Sometimes I watch other people's videos and I feel like "Why the heck can't I do it that way?" Remember, you're seing the finished product here, not all the practice that lead up to it :) I'm sure you're doing fine! This image is missing parts for sure too!