Monday, January 11, 2010

My Daughter's New Ride

I'm so excited to be getting all my holiday pages done promptly. 

This is an easy one.  It's funny because I wouldn't normally put these colors together, but I wanted to match the car.  All this took was a couple sheets of paper!  Not even 2 whole ones!  The photos are 3.5 by 5.  I printed these right off from my in law's computer. So, no cropping, editing of lighting, etc. 

I could have added journaling, or all sorts of other things.  My husband suggesting custom creating an SVG of the car.  I decided these photos were simple and fun and really spoke for themselves.  My daughter's excitement shines through in a way I don't feel I need to journal about.

This is how I keep plugging along getting so much scrapping done.  I don't always get photos and get them on my blog... but I do get the pages done.  Simple and to the point often does just fine!


Anonymous said...

I think the colors worked out perfectly! I love the simple layout with the bold title. She looks like she's really enjoying her new ride! I bought that car for my grandson for his 2nd birthday and he was already too big for it. :(

xosparklesxo said...

Oh Margie that stinks you bought it for him and it didn't work out :( My daughter is really tiny, and my son is so big. He is only slightly smaller than her (less than a full pound of difference) so I bet he'll be too big for it at 2 also. He doesn't fit in many things well now meant for his age being such a big boy.