Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wild Thing Scrapbook Page

My son's baby book is turning out to be a different expreience from my daughter's book.  My daughter's book has just tons of embellishments.  Glitter flowers, buttons, ribbons, etc.  My son's book is turning out to be a lot more simple.  It also has more photos on the pages because I am using a better camera than I used to when she was born.

All these papers are from the Die Cuts With a View Safari Chic stack.  I bought the stack specifically thinking of this outfit to scrap!  Yes... I think that makes me a sick woman!  *LOL*  These letters could have been made more clear with a shadow in a solid color, but in this case I decided I wanted it to look a bit more subtle and not as shap, sort of like an animal in it's environment I guess.

I almost used my Animal Kingdom Cricut Cartridge, which has a lion and giraffe that look great, but then I remembered I had these files.  I thought they were a better fit since they were so cutesy and babyish.  They are beyond adorable and I have been wanting to use them, but I think they are best for babies, or for pictures of baby animals, so I figured it was best to use them now while I had the opportunity, and I'm glad I did.

The lion is a little "off".  When I looked at the picture again I realized his eyes were supposed to be way lower, which made him look more sweet, but I couldn't move the eyes.  I drew in the details with a Stampin Up marker.  She included cuts for the mouth and feet, but they didn't cut well, I'm glad she included them though!  They'd be great for wall vinyl or something!!!  The freckles were already notched it, I just accented them.

Get these great files, and lots more too from HERE!!!!  Notes from the Scrapbooklady is an amazing blog!!!  I just know you'll love it if you haven't seen it before!  :)