Monday, May 17, 2010

Silly Graduation Card

I wanted to make something special for a graduation card.  The young lady sent us a lovely invitation for the ceremony, and I cut the school crest out to use on the card.  I felt that added a lovely keepsake feel and of course made it more personalized.

I chose the sentiment Dream from Gypsy Wanderings because I just liked it a bit better than Congrats.  I love the butterfly that is part of the image and I just think graduating is all about hopes and dreams for the future.

I used Everyday Paper Dolls to cut out the little doll and all the accessories, but then I cut off the dolls head and used a photo instead.  It makes it a little cheesy, sure, but it's cute if you ask me, and of course it's VERY personalized.

Thanks for stopping by!  I did try and make this video, but I messed that up royally... so... yeah... no video today!  *LOL*

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Audrey Frelx said...

That is so funny, and just too cute! And, I'm definitely sure it'll make a great keepsake!