Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Get $10 Off the Ultimate Crafter's Companion - Coupon Especially for My Readers!

I feel very honored to pass this along to everyone.  Crafter's Companion has decided to feature my blog in their latest newsletter, and they've created a special coupon code for my blog visitors to get $10 off the Ultimate Crafter's Companion!  Isn't that just awesome!

All you have to do is buy the tool directly from them at their website and use the coupon code "AMBER" when checking out to get the discount.

A big thanks to Gary from Crafter's Companion for being so awesome and allowing me to share this fabulous discount with all my wonderful followers!

Here is the direct link to this tool on their site

They have lots of other great products too, and I plan on reviewing more soon!  The site is just http://crafterscompanion.com/

This tool really does a lot.  There's a great video on their site showing what it can do, and I've featured it in Episodes - 43, 42, 5, & I know I've done bow-tying with it in other videos, but can't remember which ones. *LOL*  I have to laugh watching episode 5 because I sound so cheesy!  :)  I swear I can't STAND the sound of my own voice, it kills me.  But, it's still a very informative episode, so I thought I'd share it again anyways.  I'm hoping to make another couple box projects soon, so stay tuned for those.

Have a fabulous, & crafty day!

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