Monday, April 12, 2010

My First Vlog

I thought I'd try something different and just say hi and show you my messy desk and some works in progress.  Just something for fun and to stay in touch with everyone.  Not sure if you'll enjoy it or not.  If you like the little glimpse into my messy room and such let me know, and I may start doing Vlogs on occasion. 

The majority of my videos will always be tutorials!  I have had some people tell me that sometimes my videos seem almost "too perfect" because I spend so much time editing and all.  The reason for that is that it makes it easier for me to do voiceovers and such than have to talk the whole time I craft, and also, I feel that your time is valuable, so I make the videos as short as I can without cutting out important info :)  I only take 10 full minutes if I really need it.  So, I think maybe some occasional videos like this will be a bit more "real" for those of you that like that type of thing.

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CJToo ~ Tracy said...

Hi your new picture - you are so pretty. Ü I really like the new blog design too. Just stopping by to say hello. Ü