Friday, April 2, 2010

My Attempt At Watercoloring With Markers

Recently I ordered some of Stampin' Up's watercolor paper because I had heard really good things about it.  This stamp is from their set A Flower For All Seasons and I thought it would be just perfect to try this out on.  I colored parts lightly with the markers first and then used a wet paint brush to move the color.  It was fun, and since this image is small, it went really quickly.  The "thinking of you" is from their Trendy Trees set.  The ribbon is just from the craft store, but it's a brown color, for some reason it seems to look black in the photo.

This certainly is a different approach for me.  Light colors and all, but what fun!  I think it's great to try new things, and keep all my cards from looking too much alike :)

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SweetSassyDiva said...

That really looks great! i'm getting excited about my demonstrator order that's coming from Stampin' Up :) I will be stalking the UPS man!