Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hanging Out "On the Town" Page

So, this was a photograph taken of me shortly before I met my husband.  I was doing some "just for fun" modeling for local photographers to work on portfolios.  One of them, my friend Marty, and I were at a park getting a bunch of fun shots and I saw this really interesting traffic light box type thing.  Right away I wanted to go play in it.  So, he boosted me up so I could climb inside, and I have some really fun pictures.

I was using a paper pack I got recently that included some stickers and die cuts that coordinate.  One of the die cuts said "on the town" yeah, how perfect!  So, I used the letter stickers to spell "hanging out" so the whole title kind of reads "hanging out on the town" which I thought was very fitting.  As is very typical of my style I tried to really work WITH my patterned paper, using it as my guide for where to place the photo and the letters.  I just like everything to flow well with a beautiful paper.

I'm not sure what to do with this page yet.  I might put it in our way too bare family room and add photos of the rest of the family to pages from the same collection.  The only issue I have there is how to hang them well protected without spending a fortune or having it look "cheap."  So, I may also end up putting this in a book about myself. 

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