Thursday, February 11, 2010

Daddy's Little Monster

Click on the photo to see it larger for details - but make sure and use your back button, as it opens in this same browser window :)

I made this page last night and I just love it!  The two monster stickers are from an Autumn Leaves set.  They actually have glitter around the edges, which I find really fun.  I went ahead and tried threading my buttons with slivers of cardstock for a change, and I really love the way it turned out!

I have been getting just a ton of scrapbooking lately.  I feel it's really important for me to stay at least mostly caught up.  A  lot of my pages end up being really simple, but sometimes done is better than creative!  In 10 years I'd rather be looking at a nice, large collection of pictures and journaling than 2 or 3 "perfect" pages.  This page is certainly my favorite from last night, and took a little longer just because of the cardstock button threading, but I sure love the look that extra touch gives!

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all4sydney said...

So ADORABLE!!! YES I agree... stay caught up!! I am almost 2 years behind and it is driving me crazy :(