Saturday, August 11, 2012

Hello Everyone!

I thought I'd check in and say hi!  I have done lots of crafty things since I haven't been blogging.  I figured I'd share a little of what I've been doing and check in.

I'm currently working on creating a large craft room in our unfinished basement, and when that's done I may pick up blogging again as I will have lots more room to spread out and have room to film, photograph, etc.  No promises, but I may get back into posting when that finished in a couple months.

So way back for Easter I sewed my daughter a dress and used a machine to do some embroidery on a shirt for my son.  The dress came out SO cute!!!  My daughter was thrilled with it.

I have been volunteering at a rabbit shelter and made tons of things for a fundraiser they had in the spring.  I made signs, spray painted little trophies for prizes, and used my Yudu along with some iron on transfers to make some cute shirts.  Here's just a few photos.  I'm not going to share everything I made cuz it's a little repetitive. 

I decided to sew banners for my kids' birthdays so I don't have to keep making a new one each year.  Lots of work, but nice results.  Well... honestly I thought my daughter's came out nice.  My son's banner doesn't sit very flat on the bottom and I'm pretty irked about it, but it happens.

Here's an outfit I created for my daugher's doll.  It's one of the Our Generation dolls from Target.  She LOVES it and it was SO much more affordable than American Girl.   I LOVED making this outfit.  What a great way to use up fabric left from other projects, and so much faster than sewing "real" clothes since inside details are less important.

Anyways.  Just popping in.  I do still check blogs and Youtube when I can, but I'm not logged in a lot of the time for commenting and such.

So, I'm still doing projects for sure.  I'm really into my sewing lately.  
Right now I am working on a stamp index that is VERY time consuming but will allow me to open a binder to a page of something specific like birthday sentiments and see all the sentiments from various sets that I have.  I have also been stamping the sets on their own pages in alphabetical order, just like I store them so I can browse that way as well. 

Have a wonderful, and very crafty day!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Your sewing projects are awesome! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hey, sweetie. Missing you!!! Staying crafty -- and busy too, huh? LOL!

Love all your crafty projects!!!

Hope you really do return soon, looking forward to it!


Missy said...

So good to see you! Glad you are having so much fun sewing. The dress you made for your daughter is adorable! The birthday banners turned out great as well!!

Norma said...

Hey girl:) OMG! so good to hear from you!!! WOW! you are a fantastic at sewing! The dress is adorable and so are the kiddos! I can't wait to see your new craft room and I hope you will share with us once it's complete! Glad to hear you are still crafting you fabulous creations! Take care and thank you for stopping by today it was a nice surprise:) Missed Ya!

scrappinC said...

Glad to see you checked in have missed you. Your sewing is fabulous as always. It will be wonderful when you have your basement converted. I converted our porch into my crafting room and it is fabulous. So glad you let us know how things were.
Super Big Hugs,
Cindy Lou

Camellia Jhonson said...

Really a beautiful and cute dress for your daughters doll, hope your stem indexing project get complete soon.
munthe plus simonsen

Pat N. said...

Hi Amber, I was just clearing out my email inbox and came across one from you, so I clicked on the link back to your blog. Nice to see that you posted in August. You are quite the seamstress! Your daughter's dress is adorable, and great embroidery on your son's shirt. You're very crafty and looks like you really are "staying crafty." I have slowed down in the past few months on posting. Life is just so busy, so it took a back seat. Hope to see you posting from time to time.