Friday, May 6, 2011

What I've Been Up To - And Could Use Your Suggestions

Hello all my crafty friends :)  I have been a busy little bee painting A LOT.  I have painted 3 accent walls in various rooms as well as our bedroom and master bath.  I only have a little left to do and the whole house will be painted by us - at least one wall in every room.  Yay!!!

So, you are looking at a picture of my newly purple master bathroom.  I LOVE it!!!  The candles I just bought at Target and they are those fake LED ones - which is great b/c they will last and not present a fire issue or make a mess.  
I have a very large mirror we took out of the other bathroom that I want to hang on that back wall and I could use your suggestions.  I bought some spray frost and I have some vinyl so I figured I'd decorate the mirror a little.  I'm not sure what to put on it.  Something relaxing.  Maybe an image and a word.  Any suggestions for me?  The mirror is pretty big.  It doesn't have a frame - it will be flat against the wall.
I also want to hang something on the wall directly across from the mirror.  I kind of thought round would be nice since it's across from a round window - but I don't want to do another mirror.  Any ideas there?

I'll share more pics of the other rooms later. Right now the walls are painted - but I have things to hang and such to complete the nice, finished look.  I know what I want to do everywhere but this one little area by my tub.  I'm just stumped.  
I am also SUPER proud of all the spring cleaning I've done.  I've gotten rid of several loads of things and even my junk drawers are sparkling.  Yay!!!  I've been at all this for over a month.

I sure miss everyone - but it feels good to be getting so much done :)  I will be glad to sit on my butt in my craft room and film some videos when I finish this up.  Seems life keeps getting in the way.


Tabitha said...

Love that color!!!!! May have to use that in my half bath. I would suggest making a frame out of the frost spray around the edges of the mirror. I think that would be pretty cool and maybe the words rest, relax and enjoy. Great job and looking forward to seeing more!

Marlene said...

Very pretty!

The only saying I can come up with is "Take me away..." (Like the Calgon commercials...heehee.)

kate said...

love the colour. I would most prob decorate the mirror with filagre swirls to give it class to go with the candles. Also would also go round to compliment the window with the additional item on wall. Look at what you have in the bedroom is it flowers or abstract?? and follow through with the print and also add a hint of one of the colours into the rool as well to tie it all together. Enjoy what ever you choose!

Pat N. said...

Looks like a great bathroom and soaking tub, Amber! Love the color!--Pat N.

Love That Bug said...

First off, I love the color. Since the mirror is large, I would probably put a word or phrase on the lower right and then a decorative shape on the top left. I would try maybe googling vinyled bathroom mirrors or mirrors with vinyl to give you some ideas

Linda said...

Oh you have been a busy girl. Want to come paint my house too. I love the the clean look it all has. Keep up the good work.

MizMaryAnn said...

You've done a beautiful job of painting. Look at Stampin Up!'s catalog at the vinyl quotes. They would go perfectly in your bathroom and not be permanent.