Monday, August 17, 2009

Going Paper Crafting Crazy!

Well, I'm on a paper crafting mission all of the sudden! *LOL* I got several new books, mainly on cardmaking, this past weekend! I picked up a few Martha Stewart craft items the other day as well. Most exciting for me I just ordered this tool that I think will be pretty neat. I am planning on using it to help me make cards and envelopes.

I am going to be doing my daughter's baby book here very soon and am so excited about it! Of course I want it to be perfect so I'm stocking up on all kinds of supplies and learning new techniques. My sister in law is having a baby in November, so I am super excited to make an extra special card for her as well! I'd love to send out a fancy Christmas card this year too, but I will have to see how things go! That will be a pretty intense project.

I would like to highly recommend a book I got at Barnes and Noble! It is AMAZING!!!! It's taught me all the rubber stamping techniques I ever wanted to learn, and some I was totally unaware of. It's very detailed and step-by-step. There are also a ton of specific card projects for inspiration! It's The Rubber Stampers Bible. I can't say enough nice things about it!!! It was truly worth every penny! I have learned SO much and really enjoyed it! Here's a link to it online, but I was able to find mine in stock in the store!

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